Effects of a microencapsulated blend of organic acids and natural identical flavors supplement to weaned pig diet.

E. Grilli, V. Pizzamiglio, M.R. Messina, L. Jørgensen, H. Maribo, R. Manini, A. Piva

(2008) Proceeding of ADSA-ASAS Joint Annual Meeting. July, 7-11, Indianapolis, IN.

Aim of the study was to investigate the effect of a microencapsulated supplement containing citric, sorbic acids, and natural identical flavors on piglets growth performance, mortality, and productivity during the 9 post–weaning weeks. The study was conducted at Danish Pig Production with the approval of the Danish Plant Directorate. Piglets were weaned at 5 weeks (7.6 kg BW), immediately divided in 2 groups (38 pens each, 7 pigs per pen), and were fed 2 experimental diets: the control non–medicated diet (CTR), or the control diet added with the microen- capsulated blend at 3,000 ppm (AviPlus®; EP1391155B1, Vetagro Srl, Italy). Piglets received a 2–phases diet: the phase 1 was fed from d0 to d14 (20.7% CP, 6.3% EE), and the phase 2 from d14 to d63 (19.7% CP, 5.7% EE). The pigs were weighed per pen on d0, d14, and d63; the feed consumption was calculated at the same time intervals; mortality and treatments for diarrhea and other diseases were recorded. Performance data were analysed for normal distribution and prevalence of outliers, and were subjected to ANOVA with SAS; mortality was analysed with chi–square test. The AviPlus® group had higher ADG and G:F values than CTR in phase 1 (+22%, and +18%, respectively, P<0.05), and higher G:F in phase 2 (+2%). The improvement registered in phase 1 was reflected in the overall period of the study (0–63 d: +5.7%, and +2.9% for ADG, and G:F, respectively, P<0.05). Mortality was numerically higher for CTR than AviPlus® fed piglets (2.6% vs 1.2%, respectively, P=0.2). The production value index calculated according to the Danish Pig Production procedure, was significantly higher for the AviPlus® group than for the CTR one (+7%, P<0.05).These results demonstrated that the supplementation of the diet with the lipid micro- encapsulated blend can improve productivity of weaners during the first weeks after weaning, thus improving the growth rate during the 7–30 kg body weight interval.