At Vetagro, we are following with the highest attention the evolution of the COVID-19 outbreak. In a delicate moment like this, the first form of social responsibility that companies must demonstrate is the ability to continue to conduct business and organize employees’ work in the most effective and safe way.

We have implemented the best possible practices to comply with the measures imposed by the Government and raised the level of biosecurity.
We have voluntarily decided to limit contact between our personnel and suppliers/customers. Fifty per cent of our office personnel is home-officed and smart-working. The offices and production areas have been compartmentalized.
All persons on site must wear personal protective equipment (PPE – gloves, disposable mask, coverall) and must proceed to periodical disinfection. The temperature is detected with thermal scanners twice a day.
All the surfaces are cleaned and sanitized at least 3 times during each day. The pallets of incoming raw materials or outgoing finished products must be sanitized.

Furthermore, food/feed has not been identified as a source or route of transmission of the virus:

It is a challenge that we are all pursuing together: Vetagro, Italy, the whole world.
In the meantime, #stayhome #staysafe