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AviPlus® S is the 3rd generation of Vetagro innovative products for swine. AviPlus® S is an EU zootechnical feed additive to increase the growth rate and feed efficiency of healthy pigs.


Conditions like stress at weaning and dysbacteriosis, which all affect intestinal health, integrity and functioning of the gut, have an impact on feed efficiency. AviPlus® S may help to restore the integrity of the intestinal epithelial lining thus improving growth performance and FCR in pigs. Its mechanism of action is based on the unique properties of its ingredients which synergistically improve the intestinal barrier function thus increasing the efficiency of nutrient absorption and growth.

AviPlus® S is fully traceable in premixes, complete feed, and even along the gastrointestinal tract. The absolute innovation of AviPlus® S resulting from 30 years of global market experience has been proven by international patents.

AviPlus® P Mode of Action


The EU Commission approved the use of AviPlus® S as a zootechnical feed additive with the identification number 4d3 for safe and effective swine production. AviPlus® S zootechnical performance, as reviewed and approved by EFSA under EU conditions, increases growth rate and improves feed efficiency in healthy swine. AviPlus® S is safe for the animals, the consumer and the environment as stated by the European Union.

For more information please download the full text of the EFSA scientific opinion and the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1117/2010 of 2 December 2010.