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Relys® contains 33% of rumen-protected microencapsulated L-Lysine.


Relys® if used alone or in combination with Timet® allows to obtain amino acids balanced ration so to maximize milk and milk solids output.

Lysine in Relys® is microencapsulated in a lipid matrix in order to by-pass the rumen and be highly available at the intestinal level. Different studies demonstrated that it increased plasma lysine concentrations.

It optimizes nitrogen metabolism of the dairy cow, improves milk protein yield and is a cost-effective option for delivering available lysine to support milk production.


Nutritional evaluation of Relys® is available for nutritional software based on the dynamic models (CNCPS and CPM).

The degree of rumen by-pass of Relys® has been certified by independent research institutes applying the in-vivo nylon bags technique and availability in plasma.