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Tetracid® S is the 2nd generation of Vetagro products for pigs. A synergistic microencapsulated blend of organic acids and nature-identical compounds.


Tetracid® S is the 2nd generation of Vetagro innovative products for swine.

The efficacy of Tetracid® S on improving performance in swine is due to the synergistic effect of its components: organic acids and flavouring compounds. The antibacterial power of the acids is enhanced by the disruptive action of flavouring compounds on the bacterial membrane.


The protective matrix of Tetracid® S allows the active nutrients to by-pass the stomach reaching the small intestine. The release is adapted to the transit time of swine gastrointestinal tract.

Microencapsulation technology makes Tetracid® S a product safe and easy to handle, being non-corrosive.