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Zincoret® S: low environmental impact microencapsulated zinc oxide for pigs.


Zinc oxide is causing pollution in soil and toxicity in pigs at high levels. EU recommends a reduction in the use of zinc oxide in the feed.

Zincoret® S is a sustainable alternative to zinc oxide in weaning piglets diet.

Zincoret® S is a microencapsulated source of zinc oxide that may be included in piglet diets at low dosages. Thanks to Vetagro technology zinc oxide by-passes the stomach without reacting with hydrochloric acid, and it is slowly released in the intestine where it remains active.

Zincoret® S allows a lower excretion of zinc in faeces and in the environment.

Zincoret® S Release


Zincoret® S allows the slow release of zinc oxide in the small intestine.

Zinc oxide may induce a reduction in the permeability of the intestinal mucosa throughout a reduced expression of TNFa and the consequent strengthening of the tight-junctions. This ameliorates the intestinal integrity of the piglets at weaning.