Evaluation of the effectiveness of supplementing micro-encapsulated organic acids and essential oils in diets for sows and suckling piglets


This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of microencapsulated organic acids and essential oils (MOE) on reproductive performance, nutrient digestibility, piglet diarrhoea score, and blood profiles in sows and suckling piglets.

A total of 60 multiparous sows (Landrace × Yorkshire) with an average initial body weight (BW) of 249.47 ± 11. 62 kg were used and randomly subjected to three treatments such that 20 replicates per treatment were maintained in this trial. Dietary treatments consisted of a basal diet supplemented with 0, 500, 1000 mg MOE/kg respectively.

The BW of sows increased (linear, p = .014) before farrowing; after farrowing and weaning showed both linear and quadratic (p = <.001) effects with the increase in the dose of MOE in the diet. Further, results showed that tendency of reduced (p = .063) BW loss and increased (linear, p = .046) digestibility of dry matter in sows fed with MOE in the diet. The back fat loss and blood profiles were unaffected (p > .05) both in the sows and suckling piglets by the dietary treatment. Dietary inclusion of increasing level of MOE in sows’ diet increased (p < .05) BW, average daily gain, faecal score of suckling piglets and reduced the number of diarrheal piglets.

Therefore, the addition of MOE can be considered as safe and effective enhancement in both farrowing and lactating sows as it favours the growth, nutrient digestibility and helps in avoidance of diarrhoea among suckling piglets.For more information: marketing@vetagro.comRead the full text here.