A necessidade de garantir aos suínos a absorção correta de nutrientes no intestino não pode desconsiderar a degradação pela microflora suína. Por mais de 30 anos, nossa pesquisa científica tem como objetivo melhorar o bypass suíno para que uma menor concentração de ingredientes ativos na dieta leve à maximização do desempenho.


AviPlus®S is а unique combination of botanicals and organic acids, microencapsulated in а lipid matrix, to optimize growth performance of pigs at weaning.

  • Improved feed efficiency
  • Increased weight gain
  • Improved gut health thank to increased integrity and better digestibility
  • First botanical-based zootechnical feed additive in EU
  • Patented synergy between botanicals and organic acids microencapsulated together
  • Scientifically proven mode of action
  • Proven intestinal slow-release
  • Specific granulometry to cover all the intestine
  • Stability during pelleting and mechanical stress

As botanicals and organic acids are strongly degraded at gastric level, AviPlus®S active ingredients are microencapsulatedin a lipid matrix to be available at the intestinal level.


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