For over 40 years our scientific research has set the goal to improve the delivery of active ingredients using microencapsulation so that a lower concentration in the diet leads to maximizing performance. This approach tranferred to aquaculture combining the need for protecting the particles from the effects of water exposure and the willing to target all the digestive system using the smallest capsules in the market, for any application technology in feeds.


AviPlus®Aqua is a unique combination of botanicals and organic acids, microencapsulated in a lipid matrix, to optimize gut health and enhance growth performance in fish and shrimps.

  • Improved Specific Growth Rate
  • Increased weight gain
  • Antimicrobial support against pathogens
  • Patented synergy between botanicals and organic acids microencapsulated together
  • Scientifically proven mode of action
  • Stable in pre and post extrusion application
  • Protection from leaching in water and feed manufacturing
    thermal stress
  • Specific granulometry for aqua species
  • Effective at low dosages

As botanicals and organic acids are strongly degraded at the gastric level, AviPlus®Aqua active ingridients are microencapsulated in a lipid matrix to be available at the intestinal level.


Latest articles from the Press Room

  • Aqua

    Phenol-Rich Botanicals Modulate Oxidative Stress and Epithelial Integrity in Intestinal Epithelial Cells

    The aim of this study was to screen the activity of different sources of phenol compounds on intestinal oxidation and barrier integrity in vitro.
  • Aqua

    Assessing intestinal health. In vitro and ex vivo gut barrier models of farm animals: benefits and limitations

    The concept of “gut health" is not well defined, but this concept has begun to play a very important role in the field of animal science. However, a clear definition of GIT health and the means by which to measure it are lacking. In vitro and ex vivo models can facilitate these studies, creating well-controlled and repeatable conditions to understand how to improve animal gut health.
  • Aqua

    Effects of increasing dietary level of organic acids and nature-identical compounds on growth, intestinal cytokine gene expression and gut microbiota of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) reared at normal and high temperature

    The application of the microencapsulate blend tested can be a useful strategy to improve growth and feed utilization in rainbow trout under normal temperature conditions. According to the results, organic acids and nature-identical compounds did not revert the effects triggered by the increased temperature of the water.